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  9. Patched for Hurtworld v2 update Zobacz cały wpis
  10. Exposed MapManagerServer._marketLookup field as public Zobacz cały wpis
  11. Added object OnAmberProtect hooks - object OnAmberProtect(ItemComponentBase, ItemObject item) - object OnAmberProtect(ItemComponentAmberProtectionStorage amber, ItemObject item) - object OnAmberProtect(ItemComponentAmberStack amber, ItemObject item) Zobacz cały wpis
  12. Added object OnHelicopterRocketFire and OnSamSiteFire hooks - object OnHelicopterRocketFire(VehicleHelicopter heli, ItemObject item) - object OnSamSiteFire(SAMSiteServer samSite) Zobacz cały wpis
  13. Added object OnItemRename hook - object OnItemRename(ItemObject targetItem, ItemObject parent, string toName) hook Zobacz cały wpis
  14. Added object OnPlayerItemPing hook - object OnPlayerItemPing(PlayerSession session, ItemPingMessage message) Zobacz cały wpis
  15. Added universal void OnNewSave(string fileName) hook Zobacz cały wpis
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