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  1. Hi Hurtworldians! In this dev update we check out the finished art on the handheld rocket launcher, going into more detail about the next update and talk about server consolidation and restructure next wipe. Check out the full update here: http://hurtworld.com/hurtworld-update-160/Zobacz cały wpis
  2. We’re back from the incredible StarLadder Berlin Major. While the teams were busy with record-breaking 60-round matches, the community was busy as well: tournament items for this major will pay out over $11 million for participating teams and players! During the Major, we followed conversations in the community about leagues, media rights, and the future of CS:GO events. And while we typically don’t weigh in on these conversations, there are a few issues we want to clarify to make sure everyone is on the same page. Leagues We make it free to get a license to operate a CSGO tournament because we want to get out of the way of third parties creating value for our customers. Often that value comes from experimentation–tournament operators experiment with presentation, technology, formats, locations, etc. We support experiments that are scoped large enough to identify new and interesting opportunities, but not so large that if they fail it would be hard for the ecosystem to recover. With that in mind, CS:GO leagues present two concerns for us: Exclusivity Recently there have been steps toward a broad form of exclusivity where teams who compete in a particular event are restricted from attending another operator’s events. This form of team exclusivity is an experiment that could cause long-term damage. In addition to preventing other operators from competing, exclusivity prevents other events from keeping the CSGO ecosystem functioning if an individual event fails. At this time we are not interested in providing licenses for events that restrict participating teams from attending other events. Shared Ownership A few years ago, we started talking to tournament operators, teams, and players about the importance of avoiding conflicts of interest in CS:GO Majors. We consider a conflict of interest to be any case where a tournament, team, or player has a financial relationship with any other participating team or its players. This includes multi-team ownership, leagues with shared ownership by multiple teams, or essentially any financial reason to prefer that one team win over another. In open events, like the Majors, teams with these business arrangements may have (real or percieved) financial interest in the success of teams that they are competing with. In order to participate in Majors, we require that players, teams, and tournament operators confirm that they have no existing conflicts of interest, or if they do, disclose them and work to resolve them. This requirement isn’t new, but we felt it was worth reiterating given the conversations we’re hearing. If you are interested, the exact terms we require are below. Media Rights Another conversation we saw during the Major was about the ability for members of the community to broadcast the Major. Throughout the year, tournament operators use their events to build relationships with sponsors and media partners. When it’s time for the Majors, we think it’s important that they don’t disrupt those existing relationships. For this reason, the Major tournament operator has always been the only party that has had a license to broadcast the Major. However, we do expect our Major partners to be as inclusive as possible. Major tournament operators are expected to work with streamers in order to provide viewers with access to valuable alternative content and underserved languages, whether through official streams or otherwise. Anyone that wants to offer a unique perspective and co-stream the Major should reach out to the Major tournament operator ahead of time in order to ensure a good experience for everyone involved. More Detail on Conflict of Interest Here are the terms we’ve required that players and teams accept when they register for a Major: Teams and players should not have any financial interest in the success of any team that they are competing against. To participate in this Tournament, players and teams are required to affirm that they have no business entanglement (including, but not limited to, shared management, shared ownership of entities, licensing, and loans) with any other participating team or its players. If you have an agreement or business arrangement that you think may be of concern, then please reach out to the CS:GO development team for further discussion. „I am not currently aware of any conflict of interest that I might have with another participating team or any player on another participating team. If I currently have a conflict of interest, or become aware of one over the course of the event, I will immediately provide detail to the CS:GO development team explaining the nature of my relationship with the other player or players, and a plan for resolving the issue in the future. I understand that failure to report my conflict of interest may result in my disqualification from the event and/or forfeiture of proceeds.” In addition to players, the tournament operator accepts the following clause in the Major tournament agreement: Licensee and Tournament event staff may not have any business entanglement (including, but not limited to, shared management, shared ownership of entities, licensing, and loans) with any participating team or players. If Licensee has any business entanglement with any player or teams then Licensee will disclose them in writing (including a description of the nature of the conflict) to Valve as of the Effective Date and at any point thereafter during the Term when such entanglement may arise. Within its sole discretion, Valve reserves the right to a) require that Licensee address and remove the business entanglement or b) terminate the Agreement without cost or penalty. We think that avoiding conflict of interest is an important part of ensuring fair and honest competition, and so we do not have any plans to change these requirements for participation in a Major. Zobacz cały wpis
  3. Congratulations to Astralis, who won a record-breaking third straight Major Championship and their fourth overall. AVANGAR’s path to the Grand Final met the brick wall of Astralis, who took hold of the series from the first few rounds and never let go. Thank you to everyone who watched the Major, and to StarLadder, the teams, and the players for an incredible event. Finally, there’s still a chance to support your favorite teams–player and team items are up to 75% off! Zobacz cały wpis
  4. The final eight are ready for the Champions stage of the StarLadder Berlin Major at the Mercedes-Benz Arena! After a hotly contested Legends stage, ENCE and NRG finished 3-0, Vitality, Astralis, and AVANGAR finished at 3-1 while Na’Vi, Liquid, and Renegades made the cut with a 3-2 record. Watch live coverage beginning Thursday on Steam.tv, on the official Twitch stream, and in-game on GOTV to see which team will become the next CS:GO Major Champions. Don’t forget to make your Playoff picks now in the Pick’Em Challenge before the matches begin! If you haven’t already purchased a Viewer Pass, you can get it now for 40% off. You’ll get unlimited Major graffiti and Steam chat flair for the duration of the Major as well as an upgradable Event Coin and the chance to earn or purchase Souvenir Tokens which you can redeem for a Souvenir Package from the match of your choice. Zobacz cały wpis
  5. Legendy przybyły. Gratulujemy drużynom mousesports, North, G2 Esports, NRG, CR4ZY, Vitality, Avangar i DreamEaters, które awansowały z fazy pretendentów. Zmierzą się one z legendami już w tym tygodniu – niech najlepsze zespoły wygrają. Jeżeli dołączacie do nas w tej chwili, jeszcze możecie wiele wycisnąć z Mistrzostw StarLadder Berlin 2019. Cena przepustki widza została obniżona o 20%! Dzięki przepustce widza otrzymacie żeton StarLadder Berlin 2019, nowe wyzwania do ukończenia, nielimitowaną liczbę użyć graffiti drużyny w grze, ikony na czacie Steam.tv i ekskluzywny dostęp do zestawów pamiątkowych StarLadder Berlin 2019. Nie zapomnijcie zatwierdzić swoich typowań w Wyzwaniu Pick’Em przed rozpoczęciem pierwszego meczu fazy legend 28 sierpnia. Zobacz cały wpis
  6. Hi Hurtworldians! In this weeks dev update we go detail about the next patch and early access release and check out the new upcoming hand held rocket launcher. Check out the full update here: http://hurtworld.com/hurtworld-update-159/Zobacz cały wpis
  7. Tune in August 23rd at 12:00 PM CEST for the opening matches of the StarLadder Berlin Major’s Challenger Stage. Watch the matches live on steam.tv, in-game through GOTV, or on Twitch. Purchase the Berlin 2019 Viewer Pass via Steam or in game and receive an upgradable Event Coin that unlocks exclusive access to Berlin 2019 Souvenir Packages. New for this tournament, you can play competitive missions to upgrade your Event Coin or purchase additional Souvenir Tokens. Don’t forget to make your predictions in the Pick’Em Challenge! (Passholders should get their picks in before the stage begins for a chance at the Diamond Tournament Coin.) You will also receive free unlimited Team Graffiti for the duration of the Major and Steam.tv team flair. Detailed information about Viewer Passes, Souvenir Packages, and the Pick’Em Challange can be found here. Support your favorite teams and players with Berlin 2019 Team and Autograph stickers. As always, 50% of the proceeds from sticker and Viewer Pass sales go to the players and organizations participating in the StarLadder Berlin Major. Zobacz cały wpis
  8. Hi Hurtworldians! Tonight we have a small but important hotfix that should fix trapdoors being exploited to get into rocks along with some additional fixes. As usual the best way to help us get bugs under control is to send us reproduction videos to support@bankrollstudios.com Credit for finally getting the hatch bugs fixed goes to onStyle Detection measures are still in place, exploiting of new bugs that arise will result in hardware bans for your whole team. Don't risk it. Change Log Fixed hatch race condition that could be used to push into rocks Fixed emotes being used to enable equipment while inside vehicles Fixed player map markers spamming errors Temporarily disabled tether bow to investigate possible exploits Further extended inside rock detection and reporting mechanism Zobacz cały wpis
  9. The 2019 StarLadder Berlin Major is just weeks away, but you can start supporting your favorite teams now! The 2019 Berlin Viewer Pass, Team Stickers, and Player Stickers are now available for purchase. 50% of the proceeds go to the players and organizations taking part in the StarLadder Berlin Major. Viewer Pass With a Viewer Pass, you’ll get a Berlin 2019 Event Coin, new challenges to complete (including missions and the Berlin 2019 Pick-Em Challenge), unlimited Team Graffiti, Steam.tv Flair, and exclusive access to Berlin 2019 Souvenir Packages. Every time you upgrade your coin, you can redeem a Souvenir Package of the match of your choice. Souvenirs will feature one of the MVPs from that match, so watch the Major and make your choice! Want more? Purchase the ‚Viewer Pass +3’ to start off with three Souvenir Tokens, or purchase as many Souvenir Tokens as you’d like once you’ve activated your Pass. Team and Player Stickers Team stickers and player autographs are also now available for purchase. Team capsules feature holo and foil stickers, while player capsules feature paper, foil, and gold stickers. Zobacz cały wpis
  10. Hi Hurtworldians! In tonight's update we have our first watercraft named the "Barra", sure to get those afraid of flying to and from the islands with far less stress. Our second major feature is expanding our map with 2 new town types Factory and Bandit Village. We also have a range of bug fixes and some background performance updates. This patch forces wipe on all servers. Happy hunting. Change Log Added Barra power boat Refactored how loot drops during a helicopter crash. Now the mozzy corpse will collect all loot including player gear drops, amber claim and mozzy storage. Items will be dispensed on dissasembly. Death markers will only show where you died, not track your loot. [MAP]Added 2 new town: Factory and Bandit Village replacing a bunch of duplicate towns [MAP]Added NoBuilds back to the roads [MAP]Added piers around the coast [MAP]Patched a few Death Holes [MAP]Fixed broken loot frenzy for jungle town events Improved loot frenzy tier one loot Fixed broken loot table in bandril Improved protocol security Reduced explosion audible distance Fixed a bunch of sounds with the wrong falloff config (eg: pistol reload) Fixed new animals having wrong name Can no longer store heavy blocks in furnace Fabricator should refund the correct item when wrenched now GPU Queue should now have an effect again. Keep in mind it does affect latency and will make gunplay harder Fixed description of item namer Fixed totems drawing in front of walls sometimes [SDK]Made map scaledown on build a configurable setting in level config Added small iron door, small iron floor, iron triangle floor Fixed protect all amber context menu not working if you had the exact amount Fixed protect not being greyed out if you couldn't afford it Fixed town events not showing up if you are already in the town when it starts Fixed deep ocean biome freezing you regardless of if you were in water, now in boats and choppers you can keep mild gear on Zobacz cały wpis
  11. Dzisiejsza aktualizacja w pełni koncentruje się na mapach, odświeżając pulę i wprowadzając znaczne zmiany w Vertigo! Do puli wkraczają dwie mapy: Breach, osadzona w przestrzennym biurowcu mapa z zamachem bombowym oraz Seaside, stara ulubiona mapa społeczności. Zastąpią one Workout, które zostaje usunięte z oficjalnego wyszukiwania gier. Sparing! Gotowi na wypróbowanie nowych map? Oprócz trybów Deathmatch i Swobodnego, na Breach i Seaside (oraz Ruby) można od teraz grać w trybie Sparingu, który jest dostępny w zakładce trybu Turniejowego. W meczach sparingowych obowiązują takie same zasady jak w meczach turniejowych, z tą różnicą, że są one pozbawione ograniczeń graczy w zespole, a wasza ranga nie będzie wyświetlana ani aktualizowana po meczu. Weźcie udział w sparingu i wypróbujcie coś nowego! Zobacz cały wpis
  12. Nadszedł czas, abyście pokazali wszystkim wasze umiejętności w Strefie zagrożenia – od teraz ten tryb posiada rangi! Wasza ranga będzie widoczna w menu głównym oraz w trybie widza po zakończeniu meczu – jest ona symbolem waszych niedawnych dokonań. Gracze wszystkich rang mogą ze sobą grać w meczach. Gotowi piąć się po drabinie rang? Musicie osiągnąć niezłą serię zwycięstw, jeżeli chcecie się dostać na szczyt! Zobacz cały wpis
  13. Hi Hurtworldians! In this weeks dev update we check out a new town event, our first watercraft the Barra and detail the next content patch. Check out the full update here: http://hurtworld.com/hurtworld-update-158/Zobacz cały wpis
  14. Hi Hurtworldians, This patch focuses on server and client stability and performance. There is still a lot of work to do, more performance updates coming in next patch. Official servers will wipe with this patch. Wipe is optional for community servers. Next wipe will go back to our Thursday night 2 week schedule for each timezone and will be accurate in the server browser and will kick off automatically. As per usual, servers slow to update can still be accessed by switching to the oldversion branch on steam. Change Log Improved handling of Mozzy to be more predictable Added profiling diagnostic info to help locate rendering bottlenecks Reduced VRAM usage on lower end machines Changed allocation of Items back to use pooled structures to reduce server spikes Fixed issue with lod colliders popping in for towns Fixed various build bounds issues with construction prefabs Fixed crash caused by too many audio sources Improved creature animation lodding Zobacz cały wpis
  15. Hi Hurtworldians! Tonight we have a small hotfix to improve helicopter flying on servers under heavy load. There was an issue where if a server stopped receiving packets from a player for any reason, the current input controls would be kept until the packets start coming in again. This logic works well when running through a field on foot, but holding full left stick when flying a Mozzy for half a second too long means eating explosions. While we will continue to work on server performance this month to solve the interruptions for good, for now, input controls will revert to neutral with throttle down so you don't drop out of the sky or flip over when packets are lost. We are aware of a few other issues like Fridges not working right now and will have more fixes in the coming week. Happy hunting!Zobacz cały wpis
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